by Christophe Maillot

PMemo is the beginning of a sensible GUI and filing system for the Palm. This is how the Palm's databases should have been organised. The standard database filing system for memos works OK if you have only a few categories, but what do you do if you are trying to organise a complex project with a few hundred items of information? The small number of categories are not enough, and the inability to have sub-categories soon becomes very limiting. PMemo gives us a hierarchical file system which makes a lot more sense for filing and retrieving information.

PMemo has only just begun (it is at version 0.1 beta) but even so it is clear how useful it can be.

PMemo almost doesn't really require a manual, it is so easy to use. The key to using it is the group of icons along the title bar at the top of the screen.

sample directory listing

The icons

The starting screen shows the 5 most important tools as icons across the top.

create folder creates a new folder.

create file creates a new memo.

mode tool tapping the mode tool cycles PMemo through 4 modes:

browse mode is browse mode. This is the usual mode. When you first start up PMemo there will be no files or folders in it, but later when you have created some this mode lets you tap on folders to open them displaying more memos and folders within, and tap on memos to display their contents for writing and viewing.

rename is rename mode. This lets you rename files or folders. Tapping on a file or folder brings up the Directory Properties or Document Properties box where you can change its name.

cut is clip mode. It opens a clipboard. The memo or folder tapped next is moved there and and the paste icon paste is displayed and the mode switches back to browse so that you may go to where you want to put the clipped memo or folder. When you are in the appropriate folder just tap the paste icon and the clipped memo or folder will be placed there.

delete is delete mode. It will delete the next thing you tap on. If you tap on a folder at this point it will ask if you are sure that you want to delete the folder and all its contents. PMemo is a polite and friendly program, which is just as well because there is no undo. Once the folder or memo is deleted PMemo returns to browse mode.

up one level takes you back up one level to the parent folder.

home takes you back to the home directory -- base or starting folder. You could get there by repeatedly tapping the up-dir icon, but you can get there immediately with one tap of the home icon.

writing example

While you are working on an individual memo there is only one icon in the title bar: the exit exit icon, which returns you to the folder view.